Will Rio be Ready for Olympics 2016? – Part l

England's Claudia Fragipane, who has won four gold medals in Glasgow England’s Claudia Fragapane, who has won four gold medals in  Glasgow,during a beam routine at the Commonwealth Games. Photograph: Alastair Grant/AP

After so much drama surrounding the 2014 World Cup, with incomplete soccer stadiums, numerous protests, over-run budgets etc., the question that has rolled off many a tongue, is: ‘Will Brazil be ready for the Olympics in 2016?” Even officers of the International Olympic Committee such as the President of the IOC said in April 2014, that their preparations were the worst that he has seen.

I often recall the statement that so many Brazilians live by, ‘Not to worry, it will get done.’  But as the various athletes, in particular, those participating in boating events, practice for their events, the enormity of the task is so very real. They are already complaining that the water is filthy and it is like a sewer.

I also recall many a day when the Pinheiros River that runs through the South of the city of Sao Paulo, emitted such thick chemical fumes, that my eyes watered as I waited on the platform in Pinheiros, for the train to come.  So just cleaning up the many rivers that are filled with sludge, waste and filth will be extemely costly and could be a ‘deal-breaker’ for the athletes as well as for Rio.

Noone expects that any country should go bankrupt just to entertain the world, but in this case, some of the basic infrastructure is not there and that alone can ‘break any bank.’  Let’s keep watching and I will continue to update you on the latest news as time draws nearer to opening ceremony.