Travel Do’s and Don’ts

Many visitors may be fortunate enough NOT to experience any direct crime while travelling in Brazil but these Do's and Don'ts are given as a matter of information and as a warning. Here’s an example of what happened to my friend who was walking down a main street late in the afternoon. He felt something wet land on his back, and shoulders. He started to wipe the mysterious goo off (which turned out to be yogurt) when two middle-aged women came from behind to help. By the time they finished helping to wipe him clean, they had his cell phone and his wallet and had disappeared into the evening. So take heed: DOsDONTSDO: Be careful when walking the streets. Brazil is a huge country with bustling city streets. It pays to be alert. As a pedestrian, do make sure you look in all directions before crossing the street. Leave your valuables secured at your hotel/lodging. Only travel with the funds that you need. Leave your valuables and most of your money and important paperwork (your passport, your identification, credit cards etc.) stored in a safe place. Carry only the funds you need for the day with you. Do carry a copy of your paperwork with you if you really need to have it with Read More