Soccer & World Cup 2014

Neymar 2014 – Goals, Skills, Assists HD by Ronaldo 7dotNET

To begin, have a look (above) at what you will be enjoying during your trip to Brazil this June 2014. From the fancy footwork and skill of Neymar, to Oscar dos Santos, William Borges and others.  Enjoy!  But do read on.  We have so much more to share.

One thing I can say, no matter the league, or division, soccer is of a very high standard in Brazil and it is enjoyed Final.Stadiumby young and old, male and female.  This sport is what makes Brazil the world-wide winner in the sport.  There are a number of soccer clubs in Sao Paulo, however whenever Sao Paulo Soccer Club (supposedly the wealthy Brazilians) played the Corinthians (pronounced Cor-in-chins – the Brazilian poor) it is the game of the month.  Everything stops in this large city and all eyes are on the television.  Whie pizza shops on every corner busy themselves making and delivering pizzas of all kinds – with such tasty selections as olives,  pineapple, calabresa (an Italian pork sausage), various types of cheeses etc., the fans are scurrying about and setting off firecrackers throughout our neighborhood in Vila Marianna when their favorite team scores a goal.  The competition is “HOT!” (I speak in the present because I know that although I have left Sao Paulo, it is still that way today and will remain so for years to come. 

I have always sided with the underdogs, the ‘Corichins’ although my team was the team Pelé played for, instadium Santos.  Believe me when I tell you, I witnessed the best soccer I have ever seen.  Soccer is played in my country today, however, when gangs patrolled the field and people started to get hurt, it took the fun out of going to a soccer game.  This is not to say that going to a soccer game in Brazil is safe, because they get very emotional when their team is losing.  I have learned many a curse word which is hurled out to the referees and the opposing side by women, children, men or whoever feels that an unfair call has been made.

World Cup 2014

To those persons who are planning to go to World Cup games, apply to: for tickets. Please make note of the fact that there is a specific method to ordering tickets for those who live outside of Brazil.  If you are going to attend, for your information, over 2 million tickets have already been distributed to fans so time is passing and you need to purchase your tickets as soon as possible so that you will not miss out on some of the finest soccer to be seen anywhere in the world.  Once again, I will warn you that getting tickets is a process in itself.  To my knowledge, you have to apply to the Brazilian government to get tickets.  You just cannot go to Brazil and scurry up to a window where the games are to be held and buy a ticket.  If you click on the above referenced FIFA website, you will get all of the required forms needed to apply for your tickets and you will also be able to choose your seats. BUT, this is not a once off process as you will see.  Nothing in Brazil is instant.  EVERYTHING takes time.  If it takes 10 minutes for you to get something done in Bermuda or in the U.S., you’ll be guaranteed that it will take an hour or more, even days in Brazil.  That’s just the way it is folks.  Get it in your head now and be thankful if you are able to accomplish anything in record time.  That’s rare.

In terms of safety, it is always best to get friendly with the staff in your hotel, bed and breakfast, hostel etc. and ask as many questions as you need answered.  Remember, you are not going to find many Brazilians who can answer your questions.  On a few occasions, I actually asked the crowd around me, “Is there anyone here who speaks English!”  Fortunately the odd person would offer to assist.  Sometimes it worked and other times it didn’t.  Remember, you should never put your purse or backpack on the floor and you cannot turn your back on your purse for a minute.  Folks, you will be going into an atmosphere similar to any other large city.  Govern yourselves accordingly.  Take minimal cash.  And yes, remember certain items are not permitted into the games, so ask before you leave where you are staying, what items are permissible and what items are not.  Umbrellas for example are not permitted into most venues. 

Brazilian Weather can be unpredictable.  Remember they are in the summer season now but during the World Final.Soccer WeatherCup, they will be in Autumn,  (Fall) and Winter.  Oh yes, their seasons are the opposite of those in the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean.  The  weather can be very unpredictable.  Their seasons are as follows:

Spring:    22nd September – 21st December
ummer: 22nd December – 21st March
Autumn:  22nd M
arch – 21st June
Winter:   22nd June – 21st September

I have experienced three different seasons in one day, so do NOT underestimate the weather there.  It could be sunny one minute and storming, rainy and cold the next.  So make sure you take the proper attire and enjoy the games.