What Rio Doesn’t Want the World to See or Know

The 2016 Olympics has been both a blessing and a curse for the people of Brazil. Can you imagine, suffering the pangs of poverty and your government spends millions, and millions of dollars (Brazilian Reals R$)to ensure that you are kept out of sight – hidden behind walls? This is real folks. The video will explain much of what the people of Rio are experiencing. It is just over 8 minutes long. Take time to view it because the world is being coerced into NOT knowing what is really happening in this beautiful country.

Be not deceived! I lived there for about a year and several things became painfully obvious within a couple of months. The Government is riddled with corruption. Why do I say this? Because they pillage the finances of the country openly. Are you aware of the fact that only 40% of the country has water and sanitation? As a result, the pollution from the favelas occupied mostly by the very poor, drains directly into the rivers and the ocean.

Here are just a few notes to be aware of. Lesson No. 1: Be VERY careful where you swim. Think about it – it really does matter. Although the Government did promise to clean it up, the water is still extremely polluted. Lesson No. 2: Ensure that you read our article about The Do’s & Don’ts of Travelling to Brazil – this article has some valuable information that will keep you safe. Lesson No. 3: The Brazilian people are a friendly people so if you want to know something, just ask? It is best to get the real story from the people who are living it although experiences will vary depending on who you ask. So be mindful of who the messenger really is and learn how to travel and get the most out of your trip.