Places to stay while in Brazil

Places of Stay in Sao-PauloThere are a number of places to stay while in Brazil, from hotels, to motels, to hostels, bed and breakfasts, you can stay with a friend or relative, but I need to update you on a few situations.  First of all, location is critical wherever you decide to stay especially if you are going to be out late into the evening.  Depending on where your accommodations are located, you need to decide whether you are prepared to take the bus, cab or metro back and forth to your destination. I suggest (even before getting to Brazil) that you can actually go online to Goggle maps which is the one I use most often, find the city or area where you will be staying and search for directions.  Then add the hotel address or where you are leaving from and the address where you are going.  The search will determine how long it will take to get to and from that address via bus, cab or metro.  I suggest you also read my Articles on Transportation – Part l, Transportation – Part ll and Transportation – Part lll to ensure that you are aware of those relevant matters of concern so that you are not caught unawares.

First of all, please take note that motels as opposed to hotels, most often, are known as places where the locals go to have sex and more often than not, will be frequented by persons of ill-repute and their clients.
This is not to say that this does not happen in hotels, or eslewhere, but my advice is, regardless of the price, there are other more reasonable alternatives that will assure your safety.

There are many hostels new and old that can accommodate a family for example.  I stayed in one myself for several months although I had never stayed in one before.  However the hostel I stayed in had opened its doors just a week or two before I moved there.  It was a beautiful place but I came to realise that hostels are places where you take minimum luggage for short periods of time although I stayed at that hostel for almost 3 months.

Lodging in BrazilHostel life is very different if you have never experienced it before.  We had 4 sets of bunk beds (8 beds in total) in our room with 1 toilet, 1 shower,and 2 sinks in the powder area. Imagine 8 women in a room barely large room to pass between the bunks with 1 toilet and 1 shower.  Storage space per person is limited to a tiny locker and one-half of the lower side of the bunk.  But the hostel had other amenities – a TV/stereo room, computer access, a full-kitchen, a pool table and a family atmosphere.   One problem that I experienced with this particular hostel is that we ate most meals outside under a covered patio which can be a very chilly experience when it’s winter in Brazil.  Case and point, the temperature in Sao Paulo dropped below 53 degrees farenheit several days while there.  Another problem that I experienced was with the toilets.  They were push button toilets BUT you cannot put ANY trash (which includes toilet tissue) in the toilet – i.e. the used tissue had to be disposed of in the trash can. I was most fortunate to have a bidae which we could use for added cleanliness. I was also amazed that the disposal of waste in the trash did not produce an odor mainly because the staff were great at ensuring rooms were thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis.

Several hostels opened their doors this year in time for the World Cup, so they will do well to support those persons attending Carnival 2015 and the Olympics of 2016.  They really provide a safe place for an entire family to stay but I wil assure you that you may pay prices that are almost comparable to hotel rates.   Be careful to ask lots of questions because I did have one experience in Rio where the location and the price were great but the room was the size of my walk-in closet at home.  This really was not a major problem since I did not spend much time in the room, so do your research, check online for a place that is conducive to your desired means of comfort.  Look for a hotel, hostel, or for the accommodation with the amenities, location and price that best suits your needs. Enjoy!