How did Brazil handle the World Cup 2014?

I am certain that many of us, now that we have taken the time to reflect on World Cup 2014, realise that Brazil really did accomplished a tremendous feat, considering the many challenges that they faced.  With budget shortages, numerous protests by members of various local communities, missed deadlines and the like, they ‘pulled it off.’  Bottom line, we all have to admit, it could have been much worse.  It truly was the will of the Brazilian people that got them through.  I am certain that Brazil will need much more assistance to have a successful Olympics 2016.  However, I am encouraged that the Olympic Committee is overseeing their progress and hopefully they will put in place ALL of the necessary support to ensure that this struggling but flavourful nation will present to the world an exciting, colourful and memorable event as World Cup 2014.  CNN’s Shasta Darlington took time to review their successes and their failures.