WELCOME! It's time to Celebrate!

WELCOME! It’s time to Celebrate!

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Yes, it’s time to celebrate the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a time of celebration that the Brazilians have been waiting for, for years.  Let’s take time to forget their differences, and their shortcomings and celebrate with them for a few days.  Forget your cares and take time to enjoy this country and all that it has to offer.  No, we will not forget their struggles but we will take this time to indulge them in their creative moment and in particular, their ability to put on one of the best olympic games for the first time ever in South America capped with one of the greatest parties of all times.

The Olympians, dressed in their most colorful native costumes, the excitement complimented by the good weather has made this night a most memorable one.  The Brazilian team was greeted with loud cheers by all in the stadium when they entered the Olymic stadium.  The American troup, 500+ strong, dressed in their red, white and blue added its flavour to this event.  All is ready and it is time for us to prepare for some of the most exciting events of the year.  The excitement is building as each of us awaits our favorite team to take the world stage.  We are just moments away from the biggest celebration of the year.  Remember, these olympians have made great sacrifice to be there, so let’s support their efforts.

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Having lived in Brazil, I know that this is a culture that loves to eat, enjoys their families and most of all, a culture that in addition to savoring the sport of SOCCER, they love to share their joy with others. So world, the Rio Olympics have started.   Tune in and enjoy sports at its best. We give you the 2016 Olympics.  May everyone attending enjoy this amazing experience but may the olympians, the visitors and friends of the Brazilian people be safe and value the moment and never forget that this is truely a moment in history.  To the Brazilian people, I say: Parabéns! RIO, os jogos começaram … Boa sorte e as bênçãos estejam com todos vós!